; Lyrics - Zing Mee met de Radio

- This Is The Last Time

I was such a fool
Hopelessy in love with you
You were so cruel
For what you put me through
So now I'm telling you goodbye
Thre's no way to stop me
Don't even try
I'm not the same girl I was yesterday
Forget the past and let the memories fade away

This is the last time
You'll break my heart
I'm doing what I should've done from the start
This is the last time
No more second chances
And now You'll never know what true romance is

I've opened my eyes
I know you've done me wrong
I said that I loved you
And you just played along
All of those times
I begged you to stay
But you just walked away
(You just walked away)
That was the last time you made me cry
Baby we're through I'm telling you goodbye

(Chorus 2x)