; Lyrics - Zing Mee met de Radio


[Verse 1]
I got paid when I was on the road
In a heartbeat, Mama said Mama said
You got a one track mind, but you ain't gonna get all the time
She wasn't lyin'

I went from San Berdoo to Kalamazoo
Just to get away from you
I searched far and wide, hopin' I was wrong
But baby all the good women are gone

[Verse 2]
My rent's down, got used up
On gasoline, what I need, what I need
Atlanta, GA by the end of the day
I'm one away, that's what I say


And everything I had to say
Wish we'd gone so far away
Well now I
Can't stay

[Verse 3]
Blacktop, I can't stop
For no one, it's no fun, no fun
With a one track mind if you don't get lucky some time
But still I'm tryin'

[Chorus x2]