; Lyrics - Zing Mee met de Radio


It's the sound in the night that awakes your fear
They must be close I'm sure they're near
On the warmth of the breeze you can smell their fire
As they sing your death they watch the flames get higher

Down back streets you've never been
People and places you've never seen
Still they lie only yards away
They're so close you can hear them say...

No surrender, we will not be moved
We were born red, white and blue
No pope here watch the fenians run
Down the barrel of a loaded gun...
Feel the fear...well here they come
Here comes the summer..

Shots ring out cross a twilight sky
Before night falls, hear the mothers cry
In their arms just flesh and blood
We stood accused now we've been judged
Of a crime ,of a crime for which we must pay
Every year, every single day.
Stand aside, stand aside, don't be afraid,
Here come the boys from the old brigade.
Feel the fear...well here they come
Here comes the summer, yeah, here come the summer...

Is it worth the hell, this lie you sell
Handed down through each generation
Don't think about the implications!