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Ryan Shaw - It Gets Better

(talk) you know, some people just don't realize that, you know
this its real - they don't go back - it just, it just gets better...

See, they trying to tell me, I am living in the past
I said, boy you'd better change now if you wanna last
But I know its worth the fight to do what's in my heart getting my microphone
and watch this fire start
cause when I'm doing my thing
the words just seem to past
And I got a real good feeling that it's gonna last
If they don't understand when its real

It gets better, it gets better yeah, it gets better ye-e-ah

Are you gonna tell me
that I imitate
I'm influenced maybe so
but you ain't never seen my show
And what is sad about it you run the industry
But you failed by overlooking what the people really need
But I'm gonna follow what's inside of me
For I know what God has put there will set me free
And when all is said and done I'm gonna make you see

It gets better it gets better yeah it gets better hey better ye-e-ah
it gets better it gets better

I'm taking myself out of the box
I'll whip and change, I am breaking the laws
And I won't do like everybody
I don't care everybody ain't me
It's like find the love
that you've been looking for
and you know right from that moment
You'll be looking no more
And you'll find that one thing you were ment to do
And you know what everything that you've got to follow thru
That's what I am feeling down in my soul
And this burning heart will never let it burn oh
If they knew what I knew than they would surely know

It gets better it gets better hey,
it gets better,
it just gets better ye-e-ah
it gets better it gets better baby,
it gets better you got to believe it yeah
it gets better oehhhhwahhh

I am gonna be better
huh, it's got to get better
huh, I am gonna to be better
huh, it's got to get better
ha, you don't see what I see
you don't know what I know I know
I know, I know, I know, I know
it's gonna get better
better baby
it gets better
ohhh better yeahhh
it's better
you may not see it
you may not know it
but you better believe it babe
things get better
it's better.....