; Lyrics - Zing Mee met de Radio


Crawl back to life
It's been far too long
Round interstellar moons
Seed of light into your atmosphere
What's your world like?
Is the house we've built still here?
Girl you know.

When the beat of my drum
Meets the beat of your heart
You know i couldn't love any other - any other
This is where i come from
This is where i belong
With the beat of your drum
Not any other!

2. Fall through the sky
Little specks below
Magnify - the further down i go
I feel it in my bones
Can you feel too?
Is this the world i know?
Is the house we've built still here?
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Is the human race sincere?


Feel the force of time
Weighing down my mind
Tears you cry, screaming at the sky
Come outside
The rays are shinning bright!

Not any other!
Feels like home!
Where i belong!
Oh oh.